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Wake Up, Community!

I had to share this town...

Brownsville, PA sits on the National Road and has a beautiful historic downtown. It was once very bustling. However, due to a number of reasons, nearly all of the buildings are vacant. Despite this, there are efforts to maintain the history and streetscape. Let's visit, shall we?

Looking up the street.

Downtown Brownsville
Looking down the street.

Kart's has been closed for a while.

Towne House
Towne House Hotel.

Union Station
Train station.

Towne House Hotel

Bush Furniture
Old Terrazzo for a long-gone furniture store.

Fiddle's (Edited)
This store is actually still open but was apparently closed for MLK Day when I was in town.


Travel with Jesus

The town sort of faces on the tracks/river as well, with a sidewalk running behind the buildings along the tracks. However it was SO icy that day, and I didn't have boots on so I didn't want to risk my neck.

Brownsville Flatiron Building
Brownsville restored and keep open a museum in this building, which was closed the day I visited.

Clicking on any of the photos will take you to my Flickr photostream where there are many more pictures of Brownsville.

That's all.. if anyone is still alive out there in the LJ-Ether.. hope you enjoyed it.
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